This week marked the 10th anniversary of “space tourist” Dennis Tito’s historic ride to space.  Miles O’Brien reports on what Tito’s $20 million ticket has done to help launch the commercial space industry.

Tito paid the Russian government for a seat aboard a Soyuz craft that docked with the station on April 30, 2001.  He received cosmonaut training in Russia and was eventually granted permission to fly to the station by NASA after considerable objections.  To date six other multimillionaires have visited the station aboard Russian spacecraft since Tito’s flight. 

Tito has a Connecticut connection too.  He received a master’s degree in engineering from Rensselaer’s Hartford campus in 1964.  He later went into finance where he made his fortune. 

Wikipedia Commons Photo
Mission patch from Tito’s spaceflight. Tito paid a reported million to visit the International Space Station in 2001. (Wikipedia Commons Photo)