The Green Party of Connecticut announced Wednesday that Ken Krayeske, a lawyer, journalist, and former congressional candidate, was elected to the party’s top post in the state in its late April election.

Using Instant Runoff Voting, where voters are asked to pick a first, second and third choice, the Green Party elected Krayeske to head the party. Krayeske’s slate also won three out of the four contested positions within the party’s leadership.

The Connecticut Green Party maintains a five-person executive committee with three co-chairs and a secretary and treasurer. Krayeske drew the most votes and secured one of the co-chair positions.

Mike DeRosa, the 2010 Green Party candidate for Secretary of the State, earned the second highest number of votes.

The third position went to Krayeske’s running mate Ronna Stuller, a member of the Green Party Board of Education in New London.

Another Krayeske team member Patricia Kane was elected as the party’s secretary. She defeated incumbent Barbara Barry for the slot. Incumbent Treasurer Chris Reilly was re-elected as a write-in.

The party re-elected both Charlie Pillsbury of New Haven, to represent the state’s Green Party at the national level, and Justine McCabe of New Milford, to continue serving on the party’s international committee, where she is the national co-chair.

“The Green Party is growing not just in Connecticut, but globally,” McCabe said in a prepared statement.

McCabe said Hartford-native Elizabeth May was the first Green Party candidate to be elected to Canada’s House of Commons on Tuesday.