The state budget was unveiled Thursday with Republicans on the soapbox over being excluded from negotiations, while the Democrats on the Appropriations Committee were scolded over Bob Englehart’s cartoon.

The cartoon was left behind on some committee members’ chairs and prompted a tongue lashing from Sen. Toni Harp and Rep. Toni Walker.

Some people have no sense of humor; the governor’s ears aren’t really that big.

The Appropriations budget made a few funding changes, moved additional people and office space around, and spent about $130 million more than the governor. Finance added in a few extra increases to pick up the difference, including upping the conveyance, hotel, and luxury goods taxes. Now: Will the unions agree to concessions?

The quote of the day goes to State Rep. Sean Williams. During the Finance Committee meeting, Williams said, “I didn’t vote for Malloy.”  Thanks for clearing that up! We were all wondering.

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