The Environment Committee approved a bill Wednesday that would allow hunting on Sundays — that is if you happen to be hunting with a falcon.

Senate Bill 827, aptly titled An Act Concerning Falconry, alters state statutes to allow falconers to falcon, yes, it’s a verb, on Sundays.

During the committee meeting, co-chair Sen. Edward Meyer presented a scenario to demonstrate the measure’s value.

“Since hunting on Sunday is banished, if [the falconers] take their falcons out on Sunday and release their falcon, and the falcon wants to eat and grabs an animal, a squirrel for example, that would be a violation of the Sunday hunting ban,” he said.

Meyer said that 13 Connecticut falconers came to the legislature and explained their problem.  Rep. Clark Chapin, R-New Milford, said he thought the falconers made a pretty valid argument and were seeking to do the right thing. For that reason, he objected to combining the measure with another bill that would allow bow hunting on Sundays.

Chapin said he’d served on the Environment Committee long enough to know the bow hunting bill would probably be defeated. But the falconry bill received only seven dissenting votes during the meeting. So squirrels, you’ve been warned.