Four physician groups in the state expressed their disappointment with the Public Health Committee’s decision to get rid of medical liability protections they would have received for agreeing to participate in the SustiNet program. The provisions were stripped from the bill because some committee members felt it was unfair to give what essentially could be called medical malpractice insurance to one group of doctors when private doctors have to pay for their own.

But the doctors argued that this practice already exists for doctors practicing in publicly funded programs.

“Currently, physicians employed by the state and the federal government as well as in federally qualified health centers have certain liability protections not afforded to privately practicing physicians who provide the majority of patient care in Connecticut,” the press release reads. The move to take out the protections for doctors in the legislation has the groups rethinking their support of it. The decision about their support or opposition will be decided in the future.

Click here to read the release and here to read about the committee’s passage of the bill.