Former U.S. Sen. Chris Dodd left office in January swearing off rumors that he was being courted for a position with the Motion Picture Association of America, but it turns out those rumors were true.

Dodd, the five-term Connecticut Senator, announced Tuesday afternoon that he accepted a position as chairman and CEO of the MPAA. He replaces former Agriculture Secretary Dan Glickman, who resigned as MPAA’s chief executive a year ago.

“I am truly excited about representing the interests of one of the most creative and productive industries in America, not only in Washington but around the world,” Dodd said in a statement.

Dodd, who under Congressional rules is banned from lobbying for two years, will head the MPAA from its offices in Washington D.C. The new gig reportedly pays $1.5 million a year and is not technically a lobbying job, but many view the MPAA as a lobbying organization.

Dodd swore he would not be taking a job lobbying when he retired earlier this year, but it’s clear the MPAA courted him for his political connections.

“Chris Dodd not only has the political instincts and experience, but he’s the right person to lead the film industry through its toughest challenges regarding content protection and piracy on a domestic and global scale,” said Barry Meyer, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Warner Bros. 

Some of the MPAA’s top issues on Capitol Hill include the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement and other copyright infringement issues, which movie industry says costs it jobs.

“This is a critical time for the motion picture industry and we couldn’t be more pleased that Chris Dodd is leading our team,“ Alan Braverman, senior executive vice president and general counsel at the Walt Disney Company and MPAA Search Committee member said. “His vast experience in consensus-building and innovative approaches to resolving complex issues make him the ideal choice to lead this organization.”

Upon learning of his former colleague’s new position, U.S. Sen. Joseph Lieberman sent out a statement congratulating Dodd.

“Chris’ immense leadership skills and acumen will greatly benefit the film industry just as he so ably served the people of Connecticut and America for so many years,“ said Lieberman. “Chris is someone who knows how to achieve results and I know he will make his mark in his new position.”

Dodd starts his new position on March 17.