(Updated 3:15) There’s no such thing as a snow day when you’re Governor of Connecticut.

Relieved that the state seemed to have dodged the large ice accumulation predicted by some weather models, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, said the state still has to worry about the additional precipitation, which has built up on roofs.

“People need to be aware of signs. If they hear a lot of noise or creaking that’s a particular problem,” Malloy said Wednesday. “You gotta get it off folks. You just gotta get it off.”

As of 2 p.m. Wednesday Malloy lifted the tandem tractor trailer ban and said there were only a few thousand power outages, a lot fewer than expected, according to both major utility companies.

Malloy said not a lot of residential properties in the state have been impacted because the peaking on the roofs is different than the ones on commercial buildings, which tend to be flatter. Commercial buildings across the state from Middletown to Milford to Waterbury were collapsing under the weight of the snow, sleet, and rain Wednesday.

“Yes, we dodged a bullet,” Malloy said.

Asked if he’s frustrated with the weather and its interference with his ability to get public policy work done, Malloy smiled and said “What good would it do if I was frustrated?”

“I wasn’t in a burrow this morning and somebody grabbed and pulled me out,” he said referring to the fact that it’s Groundhog day. “So I’m better than Phil or Chuckles…This too shall pass.”

In between budget meetings and weather briefings, Malloy will meet with incoming University of Connecticut President Susan Herbst later this afternoon.