After his first challenger emerged, U.S. Sen. Joseph Lieberman said he will be announcing his plans at a 12:30 p.m. press conference in Stamford Wednesday. Lieberman has not committed to running for re-election in 2012, but he also hasn’t ruled it out.

Re-elected in 2006 as an Independent Lieberman, a Democrat most of his life, will have to decide just how he plans on seeking the nomination if he does decide to run.

The Connecticut for Lieberman Party he founded in 2006 to gain ballot access was taken over by his opponents one of whom failed to receive enough votes in 2010 to maintain the ballot line.

The last time CTNewsjunkie had an opportunity to interview Lieberman in November he hinted at his desire to remain an Independent.

“I don’t meet all the requirements of either party,” Lieberman admitted during that interview. “And today both parties are really imposing requirements more than when I got started in politics.”

He said as he makes his decision he will have to answer some tough questions.

“One do I want to continue to do that or do I want to try something else in my life. Two obviously can I contribute something to my state and my country,“ Lieberman said. In answering the second question Lieberman said he thinks as an Independent he has a role to play in putting “majorities together to get things done.”

But there are some in the Democratic Party that don’t see it that way.

Lieberman alienated the Democratic party when he ran as an Independent in 2006, and when he endorsed U.S. Sen. John McCain’s bid for president in 2008. In 2008 the state party came close to censuring him, but instead sent him a strongly worded letter. As for the other party, it’s unlikely he will be embraced by Republicans who will look to former World Wrestling Entertainment CEO Linda McMahon to run again.

“After many thoughtful conversations with family and friends over the last several months, Senator Lieberman made a decision about his future over the holidays which he plans to announce on Wednesday,” Erika Masonhall said Tuesday.

The announcement will be held at the Stamford Marriott.