There’s no total cost estimates for yesterday’s snowstorm, but Gov. Dannel Malloy said at the moment North Haven appears have received the most snow with 30 inches. Asked if he knew how much his hometown of Stamford received, Malloy admitted Thursday that he didn’t know — a sign that he’s beginning to get comfortable in his new role as governor.

Taking his first week as governor in stride, he may have spoken too quickly Wednesday evening when he said he hadn’t received any complaints because several had been sent to his office.

Asked to describe the tenure of the complaints, and Malloy said they varied from “too much snow,“ to the more typical “I just dug myself out of my driveway and another truck came along and blocked my driveway.“

“As I reasonably predicted to you, if we have 20 inches of snow, we’ll have a lot of people who complain,” Malloy told reporters Thursday afternoon.

Asked about his leadership during the storm, Malloy said his handling of the storm was based on his experience as mayor of Stamford for 14 years.

“I know this is hard for everybody because you didn’t know me when I was mayor. You only knew me as a candidate,” Malloy said. “That’s what I do. So if it was a hurricane, if it was a summer storm, that’s what I do.”

“I think it’s a contingent part of being a leader,” he said at press conference.

He said the state is still looking at qualifying for federal disaster relief funding and opined it may be easier to qualify for a snow emergency than many other types of weather related emergencies, but wasn’t exactly able to explain why.

Meanwhile, in between press conferences yesterday Malloy said he spent about four hours working on the state budget. He said since the two hours he had planned to put in on Tuesday was cut short by storm preparation, he put in a total of four hours on Wednesday.

However, he remained fairly tight lipped about any spending cuts or tax increases.

“I have to tell you with a $3.5 to $3.7 billion deficit I’m sure I’m going to disappoint a lot of people with respect to what they would like to be there in the budget,” Malloy admitted Thursday.