Putting a twist on her final traditional holiday address Monday morning, outgoing Gov. M. Jodi Rell took a jab at her predecessor former Gov. John G. Rowland, who used to change the words to ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’, to poke fun at his political rivals and the media.

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“This year, however, I thought I’d do something a little different. It’s a poem, based on “The Night Before Christmas.” Wait – no – sorry …that’s been done, hasn’t it? Just not very well,” Rell said before launching into her Yuletide list of items that should have been included in the 375th anniversary time capsule the state buried earlier this year.

Aside from her own BlackBerry, Rell said as long as she was talking about electronic devices maybe she could toss in Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz’s calculator. Bysiewicz stood up and gave the crowd a wave.

“I think at the same time we should also add a spare bag of Bridgeport ballots – that way we’ll always know where they are,” Rell continued.

She also took a shot at Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, who will be sworn in as Connecticut’s next U.S. Senator on Jan. 5.

She said for the man who leaves behind 36,000 incomplete lawsuits and investigation “I think we should bury a copy of his latest book, ‘Sue First and Ask Questions Later’.”

For the legislature’s Democratic majority, Rell said she’s including a pair of scissors that “just won’t cut.”

And she suggested maybe it’s time to bury Gov.-elect Dan Malloy’s collection of green ties, which he wore from the convention up until Election Day.

With a room full of University of Connecticut officials, including Athletic Director Jeff Hathaway, Rell suggested the state bury any plane tickets for UConn Football Coach Randy Edsall, who is rumored to be talking with the University of Florida about its head coaching job. While on the topic of sports Rell also said she’d bury Pat Summit’s hatchet since “since she cannot manage to do it on her own.”

Summit is the head coach for the Tennesse Lady Vols basketball team, a rival of the University of Connecticut women Husky.

She also took a jab at former UConn president Michael Hogan, who left abruptly for the University of Illinois.

“And I think we can find room in the time capsule for all the cardboard cutouts – and ego – of Mike Hogan,” Rell said.

For an unknown reason the university purchased six cardboard cutouts of Hogan smiling and talking on a cellphone. The cutouts were placed around campus and messages were written in the bubble beside his head for various events and gatherings.

Watch Rell’s holiday address above to find out what else she would bury or read her full address here.

The annual holiday address, a tradition started by Rowland, is given at the Middlesex Chamber of Commerce’s last meeting of the year.