(Updated) Connecticut Republican Party Chairman Chris Healy sent a letter to members of the Republican Party Tuesday to let them know he won’t be challenging National Republican Party Chairman Michael Steele for the GOP’s top spot.

“Many of you have read that my name has been thrown into the mix for the chairmanship of the Republican National Committee,“ Healy wrote. “This has generated some talk amongst both Connecticut and national GOP operatives, both humorous and serious. I have been flattered that people think that highly of my ability, but I am not running for Chairman of the RNC.”

However, that doesn’t mean he will be endorsing Steele for reelection. He wrote that he thinks it’s “time for change in leadership.” As such Healy wrote that he will be throwing his support toward Genty Collins in the Jan. 14 election for RNC Chairman. Collins is the former RNC political director who resigned accusing Steele of mismanagement.

“I believe Gentry is a leader who possesses the skills and vision needed to get our Party prepared for 2012,” Healy wrote.

Reached by phone Wednesday afternoon Healy joked that his “long national nightmare is over,” and he’s focused on getting back to work as head of Connecticut’s GOP.

Healy, whose own chairmanship of the Connecticut GOP is up this summer, has been criticized by some in his party for not delivering a single constitutional or Congressional office in last month’s election. Healy’s own future as head of the Connecticut GOP is still uncertain.

“I haven’t made up my mind on that yet,” Healy said when asked if he would run again in Connecticut. He said he expects to make a decision early next year.

“My immediate goals are to keep the machinery moving at State Central, begin soliciting funds for the Party in the New Year, and recruit candidates for 2011,“ Healy wrote. “We will continue to raise funds for the state account to retire the legal bill for the successful lawsuit involving Susan Bysiewicz. Judging by her performance during the counting of votes in Bridgeport, the Connecticut Republican Party did a public service to the State of Connecticut.”

Healy concluded his letter by telling party members that it has been an honor to work for them over the past four years.

“While we remain disappointed by the outcome of this year’s Election I am confident that the successes we had in recruiting candidates, volunteers and donors leaves us in a better position to build our effort in years to come. We must build on our efforts in 2011 and 2012 and not be disheartened by our losses.”

Healy pointed out that the new publicly financed campaign system “constricts” his ability to raise money for the party and for candidates the party supports.

He said the new system has limited his ability to raise and spend funds on behalf of candidates. He said he’s not trying blame anyone or find a scapegoat, but is just pointing out new realities.

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