More than two weeks after losing the election and her lawsuit against the state and Attorney General elect George Jepsen, Republican Martha Dean congratulated her opponent and decided not to pursue further legal action.

Dean, the Tea Party favorite, called Jepsen Thursday to congratulate him on his victory.

In a message on her website, Dean said, “At this juncture, I believe the best path forward is allow the AG-elect to focus on trying to run the AG’s Office in a way that helps pull Connecticut out of its severe crisis.”

“It was a pleasure running against George,” said Dean. “We went head to head on the issues, focusing on substance, and we shared humor along the way. That says a lot about both of us as candidates. I acknowledge his victory and I wish him well.”

Jepsen sent out a press release thanking Dean for the gesture.

“As Attorney General, my door will always be open to Martha and her supporters as we all work together to get Connecticut moving again,” Jepsen said. “Even while disagreeing on most issues, I always respected Martha Dean’s sincerity, her intelligence, or her commitment to the people of Connecticut. Our contest showed that candidates can disagree without being disagreeable, let alone getting personal, something all too rare in today’s politics.”

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