In his first trip to Washington as governor-elect, Dan Malloy expected to meet with officials at the Housing and Urban Development Department as well as the Department of Transportation.

“When I ran for Governor, I promised the people of Connecticut that I wouldn’t hesitate to go to Washington—or anywhere else, for that matter—to lobby on behalf of our state for the funding and programs we might need,” Malloy said in a press release.

“In the coming weeks, I hope to convene a meeting with our state’s Congressmen and Senators, and meet with Connecticut’s federal relations staff in Washington,“ Malloy said. “We need to make sure the lines of communication between Washington and Connecticut are open, used often, and work both ways.”

Early Tuesday morning Malloy joined Democratic Leadership Council Chairman Harold Ford Jr. at a panel discussion sponsored by the DLC and POLITICO. The panel focused on lessons learned from the midterm elections.