(Updated) Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz said she hadn’t received the latest numbers yet from Bridgeport, but was told Wednesday morning by two radio DJs that Democrat Dan Malloy had an estimated 19,000 votes to Republican Tom Foley’s 6,500 votes in the Park City. If those numbers are accurate Malloy would take the lead.

Byseiwicz, who appeared on the Fox morning show, said she was headed back to her office to get a look at the official results. She said it looks like the state will have a statewide recount. Its first in 16 years.

She said a statewide recount could take anywhere from one to two weeks. There’s also the issue of the Superior Court Judge’s order to keep the polls open an additional two hours, which will be challenged in court by Republican attorneys.

GOP Chairman Chris Healy was not immediately available for comment, but Bysiewicz said she expects Republicans to challenge every vote taken after 8 p.m. and every ballot that was Xeroxed when polling places ran out.

Bysiewicz expects to hold a press conference at noon today to talk about the situation, but at the moment she said it looks like the race is very close and could even fall within the one half of one percent plurality that requires a recount.

Instead of ordering 69,000 ballots, the number of registered voters in Bridgeport, the city ordered just 21,000. In the middle of the afternoon poll workers started copying ballots, which at the end of the night needed to be hand counted. The hand counting didn’t stop until 7:15 a.m. Wednesday morning.

A Superior Court Judge ordered a dozen polling places to remain open an additional two hours Tuesday so that voters unable initially to wait for the ballots to be photocopied could return to the polls. Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch even used the reverse 911 system to let residents know the polls were still open.