Despite spending more than $40 million, Republican Linda McMahon Tuesday apparently failed to stop Democrat Richard Blumenthal from becoming the state’s new U.S. senator Tuesday —  because she couldn’t persuade women like Ann Cresswell to vote for her.

McMahon began losing Cresswell on the “qualifications” question —  then blew it altogether with all those robocalls.

Cresswell, a voter from New Haven’s Westville neighborhood who registers as an independent, voted for Republican McMahon’s Democratic opponent, Richard Blumenthal, in Tuesday’s election for Connecticut’s U.S. Senate seat. She was part of what pollsters identified as a yawning gender gap that McMahon struggled to close in the campaign’s final weeks.

Minutes after the polls closed at 8 p.m., networks began projecting Blumenthal the winner.

What was it about McMahon that turned off women —  even after spending nearly $50 million getting her message out?

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