A Suffolk University poll released Thursday showed that Democrats lead in races for five constitutional offices.

In the race for Secretary of the State Democrat Denise Merrill leads Republican Jerry Farrell 32 to 22 percent. In the race for state Treasurer Republican Jeff Wright trails incumbent Denise Nappier 20 to 43 percent and in the race for state Comptroller Democrat Kevin Lembo leads Republican Jack Orchulli 33 to 16 percent.

In the first race for attorney general in 20 years, Democrat George Jepsen leads Republican Martha Dean 40 to 28 percent.

The Suffolk University poll is the only poll which has included candidates for the under ticket and warns that all of the offices carry a high percentage of undecided voters. Since candidates for lieutenant governor, the state’s sixth constitutional office, are tied to the fate of the gubernatorial candidates they weren’t polled separately.

The poll also took a look at the U.S. Senate race between Richard Blumenthal and Linda McMahon. The poll put Blumenthal ahead of McMahon by 18 percentage points giving him 57 percent of the vote to her 39 percent.

In the gubernatorial contest Dan Malloy leads Republican Tom Foley by 11 points. Asked Thursday evening during a taping of The Real Story about the poll both candidates said they thought it was a much closer race than 11 percent.

Both Malloy and Blumenthal have been cross-endorsed by the Working Families Party, an as such the Suffolk University poll read their names twice in the telephone survey of voters.

“It doesn’t appear that voter fusion will cause too much confusion in Connecticut on election day,” said David Paleologos, director of the Political Research Center at Boston’s Suffolk University. “Blumenthal, at this point, doesn’t even need the Working Families Party votes to secure a win – he just needs Republican Linda McMahon to continue her negative ad campaign, as voters have viewed McMahon’s campaign as the more negative between the two.”