(Updated) In January, U.S. Sen. Scott Brown was among the first Republicans to ride anti-incumbent sentiment to victory, and he did so in the traditionally Democratic state of Massachusetts.

Republican U.S. Senate nominee Linda McMahon is hoping to do the same in Connecticut, whose residents also tend to vote Democratic. McMahon’s even she’s enlisted the help of Brown, who will appear with her at a rally Saturday in Milford.

In an email to supporters inviting them to the rally, McMahon described Brown’s victory as a “historic upset” that “sent a strong message to Washington, the special interests and the career politicians who have created the perfect job-killing storm with higher taxes, deficit spending and expensive health care mandates.”

As early as April of this year the New York Times ran an article drawing parallels between the two races and describing McMahon’s Democratic opponent, Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, as a “Martha Coakley in pants.”

Coakley was the popular Massachusetts attorney general who Brown defeated in January.

Republican Party Chairman Chris Healy said Brown’s visit is exciting for a lot of people in the state who were involved in Brown’s campaign earlier this year.

“It shows people have choices in elections,” Healy said.

McMahon, the former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, is a candidate who stands in stark contrast to Blumenthal “an entrenched politician with a tin ear,” Healy said Friday. “Whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat this year, you take votes for granted at your own peril.”

Healy expects Brown’s visit to energize the base and remind voters of what’s possible.

Democratic Party Chairman Nancy DiNardo had a different take.

“Now that Sarah Palin has named her a ‘Mama Grizzly,’ is Palin next up for Linda McMahon?” DiNardo wondered. “McMahon can bring anyone in she’d like to try to save her flagging campaign, but the fact remains that the people of Connecticut are rejecting her $50 million in deceptive, negative attacks because they know that Dick Blumenthal is the only candidate in this race with a record of standing up to the toughest special interests and fighting for them.”

Brown will appear with Republican gubernatorial nominee Tom Foley early tomorrow at the Riverfront Community Center in Glastonbury and then at the Shady Glen Restaurant in Manchester before joining the McMahon rally at Milford City Hall. The doors at Milford City Hall open at 12:30 p.m.

However, his visit won’t go unnoticed by the Democratic establishment in the state. Democratic activists are promising to mount a colorful rally in opposition to McMahon and Brown. The counter protest is being billed as the “anti-Tea Party.”

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