Republican Party Chairman Chris Healy said President Barack Obama’s visit to Connecticut this evening is “just another mission of mercy for Dick Blumenthal.”

“This visit today is two pronged. One it’s to save Dick Blumenthal’s teetering campaign, but I think it also reminds people here in Connecticut of the Obama policies and with any luck on Nov. 2 we’ll change those policies at least in the Congress and the Senate,” Healy said.

Healy conceded that it’s an honor the President is coming to the state and he even respects the fact that he’s coming to save on of his own, but it also says if you want to continue these “disastrous policies” vote for Blumenthal.

Healy said in a conference call Thursday morning that Obama’s visit focuses the issues very clearly.

“People are hurting here and it’s because of the President’s policies,” Healy said.

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