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Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Richard Blumenthal hasn’t said much of anything about his Republican opponent, Linda McMahon. Instead he’s letting the state Democratic party do it for him.

Their latest creation is a website called Democrats said the site is a place for voters to express their frustration with McMahon’s mailers. It also encourages people to send in photos of how they are disposing of McMahon’s mailers.

“Linda McMahon has promised to spend whatever it takes to try to buy a Senate seat, but her misleading smear campaign is alienating Connecticut voters and filling our mailboxes with trash,” said Democratic Party Chairwoman Nancy DiNardo. “This new website lets the people of Connecticut express their outrage that McMahon is spending her millions on negative junkmail.”

According to an Aug. 9 article in the Waterbury Republican-American, McMahon has spent nearly $4.5 million on mailings, with only about $26,000 being spent in state.

McMahon’s campaign said it too is seeing voter frustration.

“We’re seeing a lot of voter frustration and anger out there as well – not only over the state of the economy, but also over the fact that whether the issue is Vietnam, PAC money, Vancouver or his consummate political insider resume, Dick Blumenthal can’t seem to tell the truth,” Ed Patru, McMahon’s communications director, said Tuesday.

“Linda’s support is growing by the day and the tens of thousands of voters who are tired of the status quo aren’t making their voices heard on a random website, they’re doing it at the polls on November 2,” Patru added. “As for their concern about where our mail is printed, all of it is printed and processed in Connecticut by Connecticut workers and it has been for some time.”

Connecticut’s GOP Chairman Chris Healy said Blumenthal is always looking for someone to fight his battles.

“It’s comforting to see that Linda McMahon’s message is resonating by the Democrats’ complete lack of imagination to defend a wuss like Dick Blumenthal,” Healy said.