The Senate will return on Thursday to override Republican Gov. M. Jodi Rell’s veto of the public campaign finance fix it passed 23-12 on Friday. The House will come back on Aug. 13, after the Aug. 10 primary to vote.

Earlier in the day Wednesday Rell called the legislature back into special session to pass a campaign finance fix that didn’t include increased grants to gubernatorial candidates and addresses the concerns she expressed in her veto message about the lobbyist provisions.

This means Dan Malloy and Lt. Gov. Michael Fedele will have to wait and see if they will receive $3 million or $6 million if they win the primary Tuesday.

House Speaker Chris Donovan and Senate President Donald Williams wrote back to Rell Wednesday afternoon to tell her there’s no need to call them back into special session since they never adjourned the first one. They also wanted her to know they planned to override her veto of the first piece of legislation passed last Friday.

“The Democrats in both chambers enjoy super majorities. If they have the votes to override the Governor’s veto, so be it,” said House Minority Leader Lawrence Cafero. “But at a time when we should be looking anywhere we can to save taxpayer money in an effort to close a record budget deficit, it is irresponsible to call members to the Capitol to sit around while leadership sees if they have the votes for an override.”

Republican lawmakers wondered why the Senate was returning Thursday if the House may not have the 101 votes it needs to override the governor.

Donovan’s staff said it was simply a matter of scheduling conflicts and Aug. 13 is the earliest they could return for the vote. The measure passed the House Friday 75 to 45. Thirty one state representatives were absent.

The Senate will meet at 1:30 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 5 and the House will meet Friday, Aug. 13 to override the veto.