You’ve seen the commercial. A candidate, sleeves rolled up, oozing sincerity, looking directly at the camera, looking at you, promising to fix the economy by helping small business, and bringing jobs to Connecticut.

What you haven’t seen is the crew on the other side of the camera shooting the commercial. Three people from the Texas advertising agency who wrote and conceived the spot. A producer from Chicago. A director from Los Angeles. A director of photography (DP) from New York City. Equipment from a Boston rental company. A gaffer from New Jersey. And from Connecticut, a field audio technician, a teleprompter operator, a makeup person and a few grips and production assistants.

The irony is obvious to me because I own a small film and video production business in Hartford. The candidate who is promising to help small business and bring jobs to Connecticut is starring in a commercial made by companies and crews that are mostly from out-of-state.

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