U.S. Senate candidates Peter Schiff, Rob Simmons, John Mertens, and Warren Mosler will face off at 7 p.m. tonight at Trinity College in Hartford. The debate will be held in the Washington Room of Mather Hall. Frontrunners Linda McMahon and Richard Blumenthal declined the invitation to attend.

“The candidates have appeared at many forums and debates over the past 10 months. Republicans fully understand the differences among the candidates, they believe Linda is the strongest possible candidate, and they want to see her engaged in a vigorous debate with Dick Blumenthal about the future of our state and our country. That is what we’re focused on at this point,” McMahon’s communications director Ed Patru said Monday.

Blumenthal’s campaign said they received an email inviting them, but since he doesn’t have a primary they declined. “He’ll debate this fall in the general election,” Maura Downes, Blumenthal’s spokeswoman, said Tuesday.