(Updated) Hartford Superior Court Judge James T. Graham denied Michael Jarjura’s request for an injunction against the state and his opponent in the race for state comptroller. Jarjura, who believed his opponent Kevin Lembo, was given an unfair advantage by the State Elections Enforcement Commission said earlier Tuesday afternoon that he would not appeal Graham’s decision.

“My perspective is that I’ve taken this as far as I want to take it. I’ve gotta move on,” Jarjura said Tuesday outside the courtroom.

Lembo who visited the state Capitol Tuesday said he thinks the lawsuit may have complicated things a little, but he believes the campaign will be able to get its message out as it had intended.

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Asked how he would respond to some of Jarjura’s negative campaign material Lembo replied, “We really have to be grown ups about this…It’s time for serious people, serious policy and serious discussion about issues that face the state.”

In a phone interview Tuesday evening Jarjura said he has no regrets about filing the lawsuit.

“In our minds we were trying to correct a wrong,” he said.

He said if he hadn’t filed it he wouldn’t have been able to sleep at night.

He said he’s anxious to read or hear Graham’s reasoning on the case.