The Greenwich resident, who sought the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senator, but accidentally showed up at the Republican convention instead, is asking delegates to re-cast their ballots.

Lee Whitnum sent a letter last week to all the Democratic delegates asking them to re-cast their ballots. The letter was followed up with phone calls this week and a video message to delegates posted on her website.

The Democratic State Central Committee’s Executive Director Allison Dodge also sent an email to delegates to let them know that they have not endorsed Whitnum’s attempt for another vote.

“Ms. Whitnum’s correspondence wrongly implies that State Central somehow approved a ‘re-vote’ of the State Convention’s U.S. Senate endorsement,“ Dodge wrote in an email obtained by “This action has in no way or form been approved or endorsed by the State Central Committee, Party Chairwoman Nancy DiNardo, or Party Counsel Kevin Reynolds.”

Whitnum included a ballot along with her correspondence to delegates and suggested they fill it out and return it. Democrats endorsed Attorney General Richard Blumenthal for U.S. Sen. Chris Dodd’s vacated U.S. Senate seat at the May 21 convention.

In her email to delegates Dodge said the recourse Whitnum has set forth in her correspondence will have no effect whatsoever on the U.S. Senate endorsement.

Whitnum claims she has been shut out of the process by party officials.

“Two administrators at the highest level of this party do not have the right, whether intentional or not, to keep a candidate duly filed with the FEC, from the delegates,” Whitnum wrote in her letter to delegates. “Please vote to show that you support democracy and you will not tolerate bias nor fairness.”

However, she admits she showed up at the Republican convention in downtown Hartford on May 21, instead of the Democratic convention at the Expo Center across town.

“Ms. Whitnum insists that this was inadvertent and we do not dispute that,” Dodge wrote in her email to delegates. “However, Ms. Whitnum lays the blame for this mistake on State Central for, among other things, not informing her of the location of our State Convention.“

“We assure you that Ms. Whitnum was provided this and other pertinent information. Additionally, our website had this information and this information was also well publicized in television, radio, and newspaper reports,” Dodge added.

In her email to delegates Dodge explained there is a process through party rules for dispute resolution. “Ms. Whitnum has refused to follow this course of action and, instead, has opted evidently to proceed with her own remedy,” Dodge wrote.