Former Gov. Lowell Weicker, who made headlines yesterday with his comments on the state’s budget woes, ran into Republican Gov. M. Jodi Rell Friday morning as the two were entering the state Capitol. Weicker was there for a taping with Channel 12 News, while Rell was headed to her office.

Weicker said the two spoke briefly. Rell’s office described the encounter as cordial and not newsworthy.

However, Weicker seemed to acknowledged it was a little awkward since it was just yesterday that he criticized her administration for not doing much.

Asked about Rell and her legacy on Thursday, Weicker said, “Oh boy, I think that she’s obviously very popular in the state. Maybe it’s because she didn’t do much.”

“But I don’t want that to be really a legacy. A governor should be an activist and I just don’t, I didn’t see that in the Rell administration. Do I think she’s a nice lady? I certainly do.”

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