The Democrat-turned-independent U.S. Sen. Joseph Lieberman says he doesn’t know who he will support or endorse in Connecticut’s U.S. Senate race. Will it be Attorney General Richard Blumenthal or former World Wrestling Entertainment CEO Linda McMahon?


“I’m not ready to make a choice,” Lieberman said before leaving the Marriott in Farmington Monday. He said when he was asked by a reporter a few weeks ago if it’s possible he would support McMahon, the Republican Party’s endorsed candidate. “It’s theoretically possible,” he recalled saying.

“It’s possible I won’t get involved at all and I’ll just cast my vote privately,” Lieberman, who is still registered as a Democrat, said.

But considering his strong public stance against television and video game violence wouldn’t he be reluctant to support McMahon, one reporter wondered.

“She’s running for the Senate now, so I’m not going to hold her accountable for anything she did in the past,” Lieberman said. “I want to know what her ideas are on foreign policy, domestic policy.”

A former Connecticut attorney general himself Lieberman said he has known Blumenthal a long time.

“He’s been a great attorney general, but I don’t know where he is on a host of other issues, including foreign policy issues,” Lieberman admitted.

“I don’t want to make more of this than it is,” Lieberman said with a smile. “I got elected as an Independent. I continue to be registered as a Democrat and we‘ll see what happens.”

Lieberman laughed at the possibility Blumenthal wouldn’t want his endorsement.

He said Blumenthal called him earlier in the year and said he’d like to talk about the campaign. He said he received similar calls from McMahon, Tom Foley, and Ned Lamont.

“I don’t want to make myself more significant in this election than I am,” Lieberman said. “I’m generally skeptical about the impact of endorsements and I’d be particularly skeptical of the impact of my endorsement.”

A spokesman for the McMahon campaign said McMahon hasn’t sought Lieberman’s endorsement. A spokeswoman for Blumenthal’s campaign said her candidate is “actively and energetically seeking the support of all voters in the state of Connecticut. ”