More than a week after the legislature’s High Education Committee held a hearing to grill CSU Chancellor David Carter over his decision to not continue SCSU President Cheryl Norton‘s contract, it’s co-chairwomen are asking Attorney General Richard Blumenthal for an investigation.

In a letter to Blumenthal Sen. Mary Ann Handley and Rep. Roberta Willis asked whether Carter’s actions and the Board of Trustees failure to act violated state law. It also asks about whether the process to revise the policies in 2009 to change the manner in which a university president may be “non-continued” violated state law or the university’s policies.

“In addition, we request a synopsis of the authority vested in the Board of Trustees of each constituents unit and the frequency at and extent to which such authority is delegated by such boards to their respective chairpersons, executive committees or any of their other subcommittees,” Handley and Willis wrote. They also requested copies of Norton’s contract and any correspondence between Norton and Carter or the Board of Trustees.

“My office has received a request from the legislature’s Higher Education and Employment Advancement Committee,“ Blumenthal said Thursday. “We will review the request and respond to the committee in a timely fashion.”