After apologizing earlier this week for misstating his service during Vietnam, Attorney General Richard Blumenthal is treading lightly when it comes to this weekend’s Memorial Day services.

Instead of attending the American Legion’s dockside observance in Greenwich, he will be staying home with his family and welcoming his son, Matthew, who is a Marine back home for the weekend.

The decision to sit out this year’s services is out of respect for solemnity of the day, Blumenthal campaign spokeswoman Maura Downes said Friday.

“He thinks the Memorial Day observances are solemn occasions and he doesn’t want anything to distract from that,” Downes said.

Blumenthal did attend a Veteran’s Awareness Day event in Haddam Friday morning, so he’s not completely shying away from veteran’s events. He also attend a memorial service at the Capitol Thursday for five fallen soldiers and a ribbon-cutting at a shelter for homeless war veterans Monday.

His decision not to attend the Memorial Day event in his hometown of Greenwich created at least two headlines in the local newspaper. The first one was about Blumenthal’s decision not to attend the event and the second was about his Republican opponent, Linda McMahon’s decision not to attend .

McMahon, who had received informal invitations to the event, decided not to attend for the same reason Blumenthal decided not to attend.

“She will not allow her candidacy to politicize any of these events,” Ed Patru, McMahon’s communications director, said Friday. “She thinks it’s deplorable that politics has crept its way into the event.”

“These events are very solemn events,” Patru said.

McMahon does have plans to attend six other Memorial Day events through the weekend.