Gov. M. Jodi Rell said she was “deeply disappointed” Tuesday with the news that University of Connecticut President Michael Hogan will leave in June to take a job at the University of Illinois.

“Mike Hogan has done a solid job during his brief tenure at UConn,” Rell said. “Many, including myself, are deeply disappointed that he is leaving the university at such a critical time, particularly on the heels of the landmark financial investment we have just made to the UConn Health Center. We had assumed President Hogan’s commitment to UConn was a long-term one; it should have been.”

Hogan’s tenure is the shortest in the unversity’s history and it comes just a few days after the legislature approved a $362 million investment in the 35-year-old John Dempsey Hospital and medical center campus in Farmington.

The project, which Hogan championed, will include expansion of the health center campus and offer a boost to the medical school.

During his tenure, UConn has increased the recruitment of students, seen a rapid growth in federal research grants, restored the integrity of the UConn 2000/21st Century UConn capital program, and completed and advanced the university’s strategic academic plan, UConn spokesman Michael Kirk said.

“UConn is a wonderful university. I’ve made many lifetime friends here, enjoyed working with a top-notch administrative team, and celebrated the many accomplishments of our faculty, students and staff,” said Hogan. “It’s with a degree of sadness that I’m leaving, but I can do so knowing that we’ve accomplished many of the goals that the Board of Trustees set out for me when I began my term as UConn’s president three years ago.”

Rell has called for a national search to find Hogan’s successor.