The Republican Party will appeal Superior Court Judge Michael Sheldon’s decision concluding that Susan Bysiewicz is qualified to run for attorney general.

Republican Party Chairman Chris Healy said in a phone interview Tuesday that the decision was “horrible” and set a “horrible precedent.” The application of the law was overly broad, Healy said.

The appeal filed at 1:35 p.m. Tuesday asks whether Sheldon properly declared Bysiewicz actively practiced law at the bar of the state and provided sufficient evidence during her trial back in April.

“The Republican Party is trying to cast doubt over my candidacy as we prepare for the Democratic State Convention and this appeal is another desperate and deliberate attempt to keep me off the ballot,” Bysiewicz said in an emailed statement. “The voters of Connecticut should decide who is best qualified to serve as Attorney General. Sadly, the Republican Party would very much like to take this right away from them and that’s just wrong. I call on the Republican Party to stop these distractions and focus on a campaign that is based on issues and ideas.”

No lawyer Healy has spoken with, even those that lean to the left of the political spectrum, believes Sheldon’s ruling was appropriate, Healy said. “The application of the law was incorrect.”

Daniel Krisch, one of Bysiewicz’s attorney’s, said the appeal shows “the measure of the Republican Party’s desperation.” He said Sheldon’s decision was “well-reasoned” and “thoughtful.”

Bysiewicz and Krisch are confident Sheldon interpreted the statute correctly and that this is just “a last ditch attempt to beat Bysiewicz in court because they know they can’t beat her at the ballot box in November.”

Bysiewicz and her attorneys plan on asking the state’s Supreme Court to take up the case on an expedited basis so this matter is settled before the May 22 Democratic convention.

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