An Avon business woman announced Wednesday that she will make the unusual move of running for lieutenant governor as a petitioning candidate.

Lisa Wilson-Foley, who owns Allstar Therapy, a rehabilitation company and Blue Fox Enterprises, a family entertainment business, announced that she will collect more than 8,000 signatures to petition her way onto the Republican primary ballot.

“With unemployment in our state at 9.1 percent and rising, I will use my expertise and creative mindset as a business owner to expand our job market and get our economy moving again,” Wilson-Foley said in a press release Wednesday.

“As an employer of 500 individuals working in the healthcare and entertainment fields, I know how to turn around underperforming companies and I will use that experience to help the Governor get our budgets healthy again,” Wilson-Foley said on her campaign’s Web site.

In Connecticut candidates for lieutenant governor stand independently before the convention for a vote, if they’re seeking the nomination, and they run independently in the primary.

Kevin Lembo, the state’s Healthcare Advocate, is seeking the Democratic nomination for lieutenant governor and was encouraged Wednesday when he heard a Republican would be taking a similar path.