(Updated) It was uncertain until Saturday morning, but the House canceled its previously scheduled Saturday session after the Senate failed to pass the deficit mitigation plan with a veto proof majority. Republican Gov. M. Jodi Rell had promised to veto the Democratic proposal before debate on it began early this morning.

House Speaker Chris Donovan sent out a statement Saturday morning saying the House will caucus next week to consider its next steps.

“Governor Rell continues to stand in the way of Connecticut’s progress toward recovery,”  Donovan said. “Unfortunately, she is out of state, so we will have to wait to talk with her to hear her concerns.”

“I commend Senate Democrats who passed a strong mitigation plan early this morning, one that makes significant spending cuts, restores aid to cities and towns, and delays a tax break for owners of wealthy estates. The plan has many of the Governor’s own ideas, as well as additional cuts for next year,” Donovan added.

“Her threat to veto this legislation is further proof that she would cut aid to cities and towns rather than delay tax breaks for wealthy estate owners. She’s putting those tax breaks for the wealthy ahead of solving the state’s budget problems.”

Donovan said he thought it was significant that the Senate defeated Rell’s own deficit mitigation plan by a vote of 8 to 28.

“She clearly has no support for her plan,” Donovan said. “We made some difficult decisions this week but we were able to put a plan together. I hope the Governor will join us in making these difficult decisions because they pale compared with the challenges that lie ahead.”

“The Speaker of the House complains of a veto ‘threat.’  Governor Rell did not make a veto threat.  She made a veto promise, Adam Liegeot, Rell’s spokesman fired back in a statement.

“Governor Rell would have definitely vetoed the Democrats’ deficit mitigation package because it contained three times as many tax increases as spending cuts,” Liegeot said. “The taxpayers of Connecticut should be grateful that the House of Representatives cancelled their Saturday vote. The cancellation saved taxpayers money, time and unnecessary political theater.”