In the wake of Republican Gov. M. Jodi Rell’s veto threat, the state Senate pieced together a new strategy, which includes putting Rell’s own deficit mitigation plan up for a vote.

As they waited for the bill to be drafted Democratic Senators said they want to show everyone that no one likes the governor’s plan, which includes $45 million in cuts to cities and towns.

After voting on the governor’s bill, which they are hoping will fail, they plan to vote on their own plan, which Rell promised to veto.

Meanwhile, Rep. John Geragosian, D-New Britain, said things are too fluid right now to say whether the House will take up the proposal later today.

“I think we’ll come in regardless,” Geragosian said outside the Senate chamber.

He called Rell’s veto threat “curious.”

“Sometimes it’s better to take half or three-quarters of a loaf,” he said.

The Senate has yet to debate or vote on either package.

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