The legislature’s Program Review and Investigations Committee heard testimony Monday from both sides of the debate over Sunday alcohol sales.

Those in favor of it argued Sunday is one of the busiest shopping days of the week and they would love to have the increased business at their grocery stores, while small package store owners who live on the margins said it could put them out of business.

Richard Daddario of Whole Foods said his customers are demanding Sunday sales, while Carroll Hughes, who represents the Connecticut Package Store Association, said it could put up to 300 stores out of business.

Edward Stringham, an economics professor from Trinity College said Sunday sales is not about problem drinkers. It’s about convenience. “Many people only have Sunday to shop,” he said.

Hughes argued that you don’t run out of something “you occasionally use.”

West Hartford Police Chief James Strillacci said the additional sales may increase tax revenue, but selling more alcohol means “we are going to have more alcohol-related crimes.”

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