Connecticut’s Congressional delegation met with Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood to express their disappointment regarding the state’s failure to secure some of the $600 million in transportation stimulus dollars.

“The Connecticut delegation is clearly united in their frustration and has done a good job of explaining why Connecticut needs funding,” LaHood said in a press release.  “I appreciate their bringing me their concerns. My department will meet with each and every Connecticut applicant to ensure that they are fully prepared to compete later this year.” 

Connecticut’s delegation led by its senior Senator Chris Dodd seemed pleased with LaHood’s response to their concerns.

“As we told the Secretary, the fact that our state was passed over is extremely disappointing, and we won’t rest until Connecticut gets the resources it needs,” Dodd said.  “He assured us that his department will meet with our applicants as they apply for more funding in the coming months, and I’m going to stay in close touch with him, my colleagues, ConnDOT, and other Connecticut applicants to ensure these commitments are met.”