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Carrying pitchforks and torches a group of labor unions and health care groups marched down Church Street in Hartford Tuesday night to let the state’s largest business lobby know that they want health care reform.

John Murphy of the Connecticut Citizens Action Group said the Connecticut Business and Industry Association symbolizes what the group is up against in its fight for quality, affordable health care.

CBIA makes most of its revenue from selling insurance to small businesses, Murphy said. He said it is blocking reform efforts because under a government run system health care system it would lose money.

Eric George of CBIA said the business lobby is in favor of health care reform, it just doesn’t believe a government run system will lower costs for consumers.

“We have been pushing very strongly for health care reform,” George said. “Health care reform that actually does something. Something that reduces costs, that improves quality and that‘s how we‘re going to get more access.”

He said opposing a government run system does not mean the group opposes health care reform.

Click the play arrow above to watch the Tuesday’s rally outside CBIA’s Hartford headquarters. It is followed by George talking about what health care reforms CBIA supports.