Republicans running for Connecticut’s open U.S. Senate seat took heart in a fellow Republican’s upset victory in Massachusetts, while frontrunning Democrat Richard Blumenthal vowed to press the same anti-Washington status quo message in his own campaign.

“The lesson of Massachusetts is the need to listen to voters and to campaign aggressively—and I will continue to do both,” Blumenthal said Wednesday. 

“This result shows people are angry and frustrated with Washington D.C. and they should be.  I understand that people want change in Washington.  I will be going to every corner of Connecticut listening to people and showing that I will fight for them tenaciously and tirelessly everyday and working hard to earn their support and trust as I have done as Attorney General.”

Blumenthal who enjoys high poll ratings and bests all three Republican candidates doesn’t want to make the same mistakes as Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley did.

Blumenthal’s Republican challengers agree that Tuesday’s vote was a vote against Washington’s politics and policies and are taking comfort in the upset, which gives them hopes for their own campaigns.

“Tonight’s election was a referendum on Washington’s failed economic policies that have produced record budget deficits, historic debt levels and double-digit unemployment,“ Linda McMahon, one of the Republican candidate’s running for U.S. Sen. Chris Dodd’s seat, said Tuesday night.

“Scott Brown is only the beginning,“ Linda McMahon said Tuesday night. “The people are just warming up.”

Former U.S. Rep. Rob Simmons, another Republican seeking the nomination, said Tuesday’s vote should serve as a message to Democratic voters across the nation and particularly in the Northeast.

“Voters of all political stripes have rejected their party’s agenda of reckless spending and mounting federal debt, unseemly sweetheart deals for special interests, and weakness in the face of the terrorist threat, all of which has done little to put our nation back to work or keep us safe,” Simmons said Tuesday night.

“Tonight’s stunning, come from behind win by Scott Brown, over a heavily favored attorney general, is a clear sign that Americans of all political persuasions are not going to be taken for granted, and are ready to fight to take back their freedoms,” Peter Schiff, another Republican candidate for Senate said in a statement Wednesday. “Senator-elect Brown did not compromise his values, and will stand up for families who are struggling every day to stay in their homes and pay their bills. “