The budget battle brewing between the Permanent Commission on the Status of Women and Republican Gov. M. Jodi Rell’s administration was quietly resolved Thursday.

Earlier this week, Teresa Younger, executive director of the women’s commission, said its future was in jeopardy if Rell’s administration didn’t allow it to transfer $100,000 from operational expenses to personal services. By Thursday, Rell’s administration agreed to allow the transfer of funds as long as the commission agreed not to overspend its budget for the year.

While the item didn’t make it in time for this week’s Financial Advisory Committee agenda, Michael Cicchetti, deputy chief of Rell’s budget office, said Thursday that his office had received the necessary assurances and will look to schedule a time in the future for another meeting to transfer the funds.

Which means the commission that provides discrimination and harassment training to state employees, and advocates on behalf of women, will be able to continue its work. In addition all the other legislative commissions that agree to live within their means will also be able to transfer money.

Younger said she was pleased the budget office changed its mind.