Connecticut lawmakers will return to the Capitol Monday to hold a technical session and address Republican Gov. M. Jodi Rell’s veto of two deficit-cutting measures. But according to sources no action is expected.

The House and Senate are expected to gavel in and gavel out without taking any action.

The legislature’s Democratic majority doesn’t have enough votes to override Rell’s post-Christmas veto of the two bills.

One bill delayed the scheduled reduction in the estate tax to help the state bring in more revenue. The second bill cut about $12.4 million from the General Fund and about $23.5 million from off-budget special accounts.

Rell vetoed the bills saying the majority party didn‘t go far enough in making cuts, while Democrats have said Rell’s cuts go too far and would cost the state private-sector jobs.

Instead of taking further action to remediate the estimated $337 million budget deficit Democrats said they will wait until the regular session convenes on Feb. 3. But Rell’s office said she will present another deficit cutting measure sometime this month.