Less than 30 hours after Attorney General Richard Blumenthal’s U.S. Senate announcement Windsor’s Democratic Town Committee unanimously voted to endorse his candidacy.

Connecticut’s first town may hold title to being the first Town Committee to take this action.  There may be other Town Committees that met Thursday and may have also taken action on the issue, but no news of those votes has been announced yet.

“We all know Dick Blumenthal’s record and it’s a great one,“ Leo Canty, Windsor’s Democratic Town Committee Chairman, said. “There was little discussion and a lot of enthusiasm for his candidacy as a US Senator so it didn’t take much to end up with a unanimous vote of the group, and we are delighted about the decision.”

“This is a perfect time to begin our activity to support candidates for the November elections.  I wish the decisions for the rest of the ticket were as obvious and easy,” Canty said.
At Thursday’s meeting gubernatorial candidate Rudy Marconi and Secretary of the State candidate Denise Merrill addressed the committee.  Merrick Alpert has asked to visit the Committee at the March meeting.