Following a fundraiser for U.S. Sen. Chris Dodd on Friday, Vice President Joe Biden is scheduled to visit a fire station in East Hartford that recently received federal stimulus funds.

The visit to the fire station allows Biden to at least partially bill the taxpayers for his visit, rather than billing the full cost to Dodd’s campaign

Democrats aren’t the only ones to do this.

Republicans like former President George W. Bush did the same thing back in April 2008 when he flew to Connecticut to raise money for David Cappiello’s race against U.S. Rep. Chris Murphy. To help out Cappiello’s campaign, Bush held an event to combat malaria at the Boys and Girls Club in Hartford’s northend.

The White House said only a handful of reporters will be allowed to cover the Dodd fundraiser at the Connecticut Science Center in Hartford, but both Dodd and Biden will make remarks at the event in East Hartford.

Outside the Connecticut Science Center on Friday, Biden and Dodd are expected to be greeted by members of the Connecticut Green Party.

A Green Party press release promises civil disobedience and possible arrests at the protest. The minor party is upset with the current state of the health care debate.

“The actions are part of a national civil disobedience campaign for single-payer health reform led by the Mobilization for Health Care for All. The campaign has gained notoriety for having organized more than 35 sit-ins across the country in recent weeks, targeting private health insurance companies and exposing their role as the real ‘death panels’ that decide who lives and who dies based on ability to pay,” the press release states.