The Connecticut Green Party is hoping to woo Winsted native Ralph Nader into challenging U.S. Sen. Chris Dodd, today, with homemade signs.

The group is expected to gather at the Noah Webster Library in West Hartford Friday where Nader is scheduled to speak about his new book ‘Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us!”

“Nader has not said yes or no to a Senate race, but he is getting flooded with questions from the media and the blog-o-sphere is a buzz with speculating,” Tim McKee of the Green Party’s national committee, said.

“With Dodd losing in many polls to the Republicans who have announced, we think Nader could be a clear choice to many who have lost faith in Dodd and his scandals with the banking and financial industries,” McKee said earlier this month.

“We will have homemade signs urging Nader to run to win the Senate race as part of large grass roots effort that continues to grow across the state and country,” McKee said. “If we have 100 volunteers, raise $3-5 million, and with Dodd losing in every poll, we think Nader can we win in a three way race.”

The Connecticut Green Party has said they’ve been having trouble getting in touch with Nader, who has been busy with his book tour. Friday’s book event in West Hartford presents them with the perfect opportunity.