The second time was the charm for a group of religious leaders. After being unable to deliver hundreds of handwritten prayers to U.S. Sen. Joseph Lieberman’s Stamford home, they showed up at his Hartford office Tuesday and attempted to deliver the prayers again.

This time the prayers were accepted by a member of Lieberman’s staff, but the exchange between the five members of the clergy and the senator’s staff was off-limits to the media.

Rev. James Walker of Phillips Metropolitan C.M.E. Church in Hartford summarized the exchange Tuesday in the video above.

“It is our hope then upon hearing our voices, upon hearing our concerns, and upon receiving the prayers that it will make a difference,” Walker said. “Our efforts have not been in vain.”

The clergy have been urging Lieberman to support a government-run public option, which at this point is still a part of the Senate bill that will be debated over the next several weeks.

“We’re aware, as people of faith, that there’s so many things that can divide us,” Rev. Josh Pawelek of Unitarian Universalist Society East said. “But this morning, we’re not divided.”

As clergy from different faith backgrounds Pawelek said they are united on universal health care reform.

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