The Connecticut Green Party has reached out to Winsted native and Green Party darling Ralph Nader to ask him to run against U.S. Sen. Chris Dodd.

“We’re going to ask him to do it,” Steve Fournier, state co-chairman of the Green Party, said Tuesday night. Nader sees himself as more of a national figure, but “he’s still a star,” Fournier added.

“Since the media reports began in local and national web sites last week, we have seen hundreds of responses urging him to run.” Green Party spokesperson Tim McKee said.

“With Dodd losing in many polls to the Republicans who have announced, we think Nader could be a clear choice to many who have lost faith in Dodd and his scandals with the banking and financial industries,” McKee said.

The Connecticut Green Party has not yet formally asked Nader to run, but that’s because he’s “hard to reach,” Fournier said.

Nader is currently on his “Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us!” book tour.

The Connecticut Green Party wasn’t the first to suggest Nader challenge Dodd. In April Keith Burris of the Journal Inquirer in Manchester suggested Nader run against Dodd in this editorial, which was reprinted by the Norwich Bulletin.

Nader’s entry into the race could spell trouble for Dodd who is already trailing three of his Republican opponents in the latest poll.