Christine Stuart file photo
Peter Schiff (Christine Stuart file photo)

The two non-voters in the race for U.S. Senate got out to the polls Tuesday and cast their ballots for local officials in Weston and Greenwich.

According to the Registrar of Voters in each town, Linda McMahon and Peter Schiff, two of U.S. Sen. Chris Dodd’s five Republican challengers voted Tuesday.

Why is this news? Because both of them have admitted skipping votes in the past.

Schiff, who admitted last week that he didn’t even know where his polling place was, somehow found his way there Tuesday. In an interview last week Schiff said when he moved to Connecticut five years ago he didn’t bother to register to vote, which means he even missed his chance to vote for Ron Paul during the 2008 primary when he was working as Paul’s economic advisor.

Schiff has said he voted a couple of times when he was living in California, but yesterday was the first time he ever voted in Connecticut.

McMahon also voted Tuesday.

McMahon had admitted in a Sept. 16 blog post that she did not vote in the 2006 election and the 2008 presidential primary.

“I talk all the time about how important it is for people to vote. And it is. Yet, I haven’t always been the best example myself,” McMahon wrote.

McMahon, who as former head of World Wrestling Entertainment Inc., encouraged young adults to vote wrote that she regrets her past voting record.

“I regret it, I apologize, and I don’t make any excuses for it,” McMahon wrote.

In a phone interview from Washington D.C. Tuesday, Dodd said that he voted by absentee ballot in the local East Haddam election.

Both former Congressman Rob Simmons and Greenwich businessman Tom Foley sent out messages to their supporters to encourage them to get out and vote. Simmons, Foley, and state Sen. Sam Caligiuri also voted Tuesday.

Kim Grzybala contributed to this report