Christine Stuart file photo
Health Care Advocate Kevin Lembo (Christine Stuart file photo)

357p.m. Just left Senator Dodd.  He was very kind to invite me down today to be his guest at the joint-session.

There is a lot of obvious interest and speculation about the President’s message this evening. There are bits and pieces of info floating around, but it looks like we can expect to hear a reiteration of his support for a public option.

Reviewed the Baucus Framework on the flight down and it seems to be almost identical to his previous outline. Not much “new” there, but many areas of concern. For those who remember the Enzi issue of a few years back, it’s back. Licensing insurers in one state and allowing them to sell in others.

I’ll post more later. DC is an exciting place to be today if you’re a policy nerd.

Check back for CTNewsjunkie’s conversation with Mr. Lembo following the President Barack Obama’s address on health care this evening