Connecticut’s public campaign finance system will continue to operate pending an expedited appeal to the 2nd Circuit Court in New York.

In a press release Monday, Attorney General Richard Blumenthal announced that U.S. District Judge Stefan Underhill approved a temporary stay until an expedited appeal can be scheduled. Last week, Underhill struck down Connecticut’s campaign finance law calling it unconstitutional because of its treatment of minor party candidates.

“This stay avoids the paralysis, chaos and uncertainty that otherwise might follow the trial court decision striking down our campaign finance reform system—a decision that should be reversed on appeal,” Blumenthal said. “We will ask the court of appeals to hear us as soon as possible, and we are delighted that all parties concur that a swift and early review is necessary.”

Meanwhile, campaign finance reform can continue without interruption or disruption.

“We will seek a schedule for briefs and argument to enable a court of appeals decision by early next year or sooner,” Blumenthal said. “This schedule would permit the system to operate normally as the legislature and governor intended during the 2010 election, assuming that our appeal succeeds.”