Christine Stuart file photo
Sec. of State Susan Bysiewicz and Stamford Mayor Dan Malloy (Christine Stuart file photo)

Stamford Mayor Dannel Malloy who is exploring a run for governor in 2010 raised $144,135 during the last three months and Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz isn’t far behind having raised $141,005 during that same period. 

Republican Gov. M. Jodi Rell raised $20,010 over the last three months and since forming her exploratory committee Rell has raised a total of $90,463. Since starting their exploratory committees in February Malloy has raised a total of $272,210 and Bysiewicz has raised a total of $239,530.

It’s unclear at the moment how much former Speaker of the House James Amann has raised. Amann’s campaign manager, Jim McMahon, said Friday that Amann has had one fundraiser to date, but has another half-dozen scheduled over the next few months.

“It’s no longer about fundraising,” McMahon said Friday referring to the new public campaign finance system. “It’s about raising enough money to qualify for the state grant.”

Amann, whose campaign is already out of the exploratory phase is the only declared candidate in the race and as such has to follow different fundraising guidelines than those still in the exploratory phase. Contributors to Amann’s campaign are only allowed to give a maximum of $100, while Malloy, Bysiewicz and Rell can receive contributions of up to $375. However, if they make the transition to a candidate committee only the $5 to $100 contributions will count toward the qualifying amount of $250,000.

Candidates who raise $250,000 are then eligible for $1 million in public funds for the primary and $3 million for the general election.

McMahon said he doesn’t have the final numbers yet, but says Amann has been traveling around the state “solidifying a tremendous amount of support.”

“Our state faces many challenges and I am pleased that so many citizens agree that it is time for real leadership in Hartford,” Bysiewicz said. She said she has traveled the state and visited with close to 70 Democratic Town Committees asking for support for the Democratic nomination next year.

Malloy has visited 62 Democratic Town Committees since forming his exploratory committee in February.

“I’m gratified and energized by this outpouring of financial support as I continue to explore a run for Governor,” Malloy said. “Over the past two quarters, our fundraising has been consistent, steady, and successful.”