Christine Stuart file photo
Elections Enforcement Commission Executive Director Jeffrey Garfield (Christine Stuart file photo)

After 30 years at the helm of the state Elections Enforcement Commission Jeffrey Garfield announced Tuesday that he will be retiring this summer.

“I tried to give the Connecticut taxpayers my best each day, and hope that my service has made a positive impact on the integrity of the electoral process,” Garfield said in a press release.

During his tenure, Garfield witnessed the growth of the legislature as a co-equal branch of government and with it the influence of lobbyists on the legislative process and campaigns. By the end of his tenure he ushered in the new public campaign financing system.

Garfield says he has no immediate plans beyond assisting the Commission through the transition.

Commission Chairman Stephen F. Cashman wrote to the Governor requesting that Garfield assist the Commission for 90 days, so that he may advise them on the recruitment, selection and transition of his successor, and the Governor approved the request.

The Commission will conduct a national search for his successor.

“I want to spend more time with my wife Sandi, who has been a pillar of support throughout my tenure.” Garfield added, that he will not fade into the sunset.