Photo courtesy of the Lt. Gov.'s web site

An online poll conducted by Lt. Gov. Michael Fedele’s office found that of the 153 residents surveyed over the last four weeks, 82 disagreed with Gov. M. Jodi Rell’s budget and 44 agreed with it. Rell’s budget does not increase any taxes over the next two years, but raises $160 million in revenue through licensing and fee increases.

Of those who disagreed with Rell’s budget proposal, 60 residents said they would like to see tax increases, 42 said they would like to see union concessions, 33 said continue to cut, and 26 said they would like to see layoffs.

Still of those surveyed 90 residents thought the state should continue to cut, while just 50 residents felt there were enough cuts already. When asked where they would like to see additional cuts, 59 residents said social service programs and 54 said school construction projects. 

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